4 Ways To Stay Happy This Holiday

Enjoy Family Time

Help reduce the holiday anxiety of having to create another elf on a shelf scene before midnight, 12 different kinds of cookies, or finding the perfect holiday gifts with our Chill Pills! The calming effects of CBD are shown here as “users report CBD gives them a calmer demeanor that helps keep their head ‘less busy’ to help them slow down and better prioritize tasks.” The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be overwhelming, but this study shows that CBD can help alleviate that anxiety, to help calm your mind and focus on what is really important, spending time with loved ones! The ability to balance personal and work life during the holidays is a lot for all of us, so including CBD to your routine is a natural addition to create balance.  According to this study, a daily dose of CBD can help bring your body back to equilibrium and replenish your natural supply of endocannabinoids, treating any deficiencies. Just as your body needs vitamins to function properly, endocannabinoids help restore that balance. Studies further explain how the Endocannabinoid System or (ECS) manages your body’s equilibrium and contains receptors in your brain the CBD attaches describes how neurotransmitters bind to these receptors to your central nervous system and brain, to help regulate anxiety.

Sleep Better & Dream of Sugarplum Fairies

After a busy day it can sometimes be difficult to get a good night’s rest. Our Good Night Pills are packed with botanicals and vitamins including natural melatonin and chamomile. These ingredients help calm your system and get you to sleep faster. In fact, melatonin is a natural hormone in your body that controls your sleep patterns. In addition to these ingredients, studies share that CBD is “a natural way to help you relax and unwind...and control stress, energy levels, anxiety levels and mood.” The article further reads that, “One of the most noticeable effects that many people report is a pleasant and noticeable lift in mood...and some describe feeling a wave of calm and bliss washing over their bodies, which is consistent with CBD’s reported effects.”

Keep Your Skin Holiday Card Ready

The holidays usually mean many photo opportunities, both by request and by demand, so it’s important to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful! A combination of vitamins and natural ingredients like CBD have many beneficial properties. According to this study, CBD contains cannabinoids, which can help to reduce the dangerous effects of free radicals that occur from sun damage, environmental pollution, and aging on your skin. Known as oxidative stress, these factors can cause your skin to age prematurely. The CBD increases the production of different types of antioxidants to help counteract these effects. Go ahead and slather our Pure CBD for that picture perfect dewy skin.  

To learn more about our specific botanicals, vitamins, and other ingredients, please see our wellness dictionary here.

Stay Awake To See The NYE Ball Drop At Midnight

To help you maintain your energy for all of the holiday decorating, baking, and late night New Years celebrations, you might need a boost of caffeine. Sometimes coffee isn’t the preferred method so late in the day, so we have a gentler solution for you. The Pick Me Up Pills provide a daily dose of caffeine, equivalent to one shot of espresso at 60mg, with added Vitamins B & C, to help reduce late night fatigue.

Stay on your toes this holiday with a Pick Me Up Pill before the stroke of midnight! 


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