5 Ways To Effectively Use Muscle Salve

Reaching for a solution at the first signs of a muscle strain or pull are often necessary to continue to go about your day. Full range of motion for your muscles and joints is essential but sometimes painful. There are many ways to use muscle salve and joint salve to keep you feeling happy and healthy. As a bonus, The Happy Labs version contains jojoba seed oil which contains its own form of natural Vitamin E, and coconut oil which is additionally anti-inflammatory.


When you’re an athlete, downtime needed to tend to an injury can mean missing out on matches or games, letting down your teammates, and an interruption to your workout routine. This study, found that CBD contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help reduce inflammation in the body which, “significantly reduced joint swelling.” Since inflammation from extra stress on muscles and joints can increase discomfort and slow down recovery, a natural solution like muscle salve can help athletes recover to rebuild strength and get back to the game.


Problems with joints can arise at any age, not just in older individuals. When the pain sets in, everyone wants something that goes to work fast. This could be knee pain, ankle sprains, or overuse in the shoulder and elbow joints. According to this study, “CBD is an effective anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory agent when administered locally around the joint.”  This source suggests that a locally applied CBD product such as muscle and joint salve can reduce the inflammation and swelling experienced.


If you carry that box that you weren’t supposed to, try a different workout routine, or use heavier weights than normal, you could experience muscle strains and soreness. This study found that cannabinoids were able to reduce chronic pain from minor discomforts. The cannabinoids were able to prevent the triggering of pain sensation. Even users of muscle and joint salve stated that it fixed their muscle strain with easy topical application.


Others use muscle and joint salve for back conditions and discomfort including from scoliosis. One user stated, “I’ve only been using your products for two weeks and I’ve seen a huge improvement!” Studies shared in articles found that CBD does in fact interact with receptors in the body that controls pain experienced from inflammation.


According to this study, CBD was beneficial for arthritis pain and inflammation, with no added side effects that prescription drugs can sometimes cause. The research explored transdermal or topical application and absorption through the skin. It found that topical CBD, “significantly reduced joint swelling...and spontaneous pain.”

Try muscle and joint salve for any of the above and see what works best for you! 

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