5 Ways To Use CBD Daily

Below are 5 ways to improve your lifestyle and easily incorporate CBD into your daily routine!


Being able to stress less should be the motto for living your happiest life. Learning how CBD interacts with the body is extremely interesting and promising. This study explains how CBD can activate receptors in the brain and throughout the body. This translates to a better coping mechanism when dealing with stress, even reducing the negative effects of anxiety. In addition, the Chill Pills contain valerian root, which helps promote relaxation and further reduces anxiety.


Odds are you have tried or are thinking about trying CBD for sleep. Studies show that CBD actually helps improve sleep patterns, providing a deeper sleep, allowing one to fall asleep more easily. The Good Night Pills pair CBD with melatonin, a natural hormone. It is the body’s natural sleep schedule, telling the body when it should fall asleep and when it should wake.


Vitamins can have an extraordinary impact on your overall health and wellness both internally and externally. Coconut oil is a powerful, antioxidant-containing ingredient that helps the skin retain moisture, is anti-inflammatory, and can even help to reverse skin damage. Jojoba seed oil is known for helping the skin fight oxidative stress and aging, is antibacterial, and contains its own form of natural Vitamin E. The Muscle & Joint Salve contains all of the above ingredients and properties.

For vitamins taken internally, Vitamin B6 is beneficial for mental health as it helps to regulate mood, can reduce stress, and stimulates brain function. Vitamin B12 gives the body a natural energy boost, also encourages a better mood, and more. The Pick Me Up Pills contain these vitamins among others.

See our full list of plants and vitamins here


Relieving anxiety can be tricky, especially when so many forms of media are constantly broadcasted on our phone, computer, and TV screens. CBD might be the next best thing that you try to alleviate any negative effects. This study found that CBD interacts with the brain via endocannabinoid receptors, impacting serotonin levels. This can control anxiety, energy levels, and your general mood. To help you feel happier, relieving stress is important to monitor daily. If you need a little boost, The Happy Labs Chill Pills are an option to help improve your self-care routine.


Pushing a little too hard during your workout, going on a hike and taking a wrong turn, and many other physical strains can put extra stress on your muscles and joints. Inflammation in these areas can increase levels of discomfort, and taking medications might not be your best option.
This study found that CBD can reduce pain caused by inflammation and swelling in the body. The Muscle & Joint Salve contains CBD and added anti-inflammatory compounds such as lavender flower oil, rosemary oil, and neem seed oil.

Give these techniques a try and let us know how they work for you! 
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