Boost Your Immunity With Vitamins & Adaptogens

Immunity is a key concern this time of year, and there are natural ways to maintain a healthy balance and support all systems within the body. An adaptogen is a form of herbal medicine that helps stabilize and assist your body in handling stress. These outside factors can be physical, chemical or biological. Areas that adaptogens can assist are for daily stressors, anxiety, and immunity. They can come in the form of a herb, root, berry, or mushroom, and help the body restore balance by supporting the immune system and managing stress.


Maca and ginseng are more commonly known adaptogens, where maca is a root that helps balance hormones and boost libido, and ginseng leaves and stems have many antioxidant properties for anti-aging and cold prevention.

Eleuthero and rhodiola might be lesser known adaptogens, where eleuthero (made from all parts of the plant including the leaves, stems, bark and roots) is also known to boost the immune system and benefit brain health. Rhodiola is a flowering plant, where the roots are used to help with mental fatigue and increase body energy and strength.

Astragalus is another important adaptogen that must be mentioned this time of year, as it specifically strengthens respiratory health and stimulates circulation within the body. Here is a list of additional plant-sourced adaptogens and their benefits.


Reishi mushroom blends and powders provide an easy means to absorb this adaptogen, which is known for supporting the adrenal system and stimulating the adrenal glands. This article even states that reishi can protect against exposure to cold temperatures or negative effects on the body caused by lower oxygen levels.

Chaga is used for its immune system boosting properties and can also help reduce inflammation. Turkey tail contains many antioxidants to help reduce damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.


Some of the top vitamins that help to support your immunity and boost your health are Vitamin B6, B12, and C. Vitamin B is known to help your body produce red blood cells and increase energy. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also increases cell regeneration and immunity. The Pick Me Up Pills happen to contain all three of these vitamins. You can learn more about vitamins here

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