CBD & Clean Skincare


When considering which skincare products to use, it is important to be aware of all ingredients, not simply the top headline statements or product claims. CBD is sometimes referred to as a “hero ingredient” but shouldn't overshadow the complete ingredient list, especially if CBD happens to be the only natural ingredient. If the other product components are harmful or even toxic, the benefits of CBD may not be relevant. 

Many terms used on product labels and for product advertising or marketing are not currently regulated and can sometimes seem more pure than the actual product contents. Some words commonly used to be aware of are, “clean, nontoxic, or safe” that have no technical validity towards ensuring the safety of the product’s ingredients. These terms are also not approved or recognized by the FDA. 



At The Happy Labs, we take your health & happiness very seriously. We create products made from natural plant compounds to help your body, ultimately providing relief from mental and physical stress. For example, our Happy Hands Lotion contains not only CBD, but also a variety of skin soothing and restorative ingredients. Added aloe leaf juice helps with dry skin, eczema, and even sunburns. Avocado fruit oil is also great for dry skin, is anti-inflammatory, and protects skin from damaging UV rays, perfect for a day at the beach. 

Our Muscle & Joint Salve contains a plethora of healthy ingredients that pair nicely with our CBD. Jojoba seed oil helps your skin fight oxidative stress, is antibacterial, and contains nourishing vitamins. Added lavender flower oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, and is detoxifying for the skin. 



As more and more CBD products are introduced into the market, consumers are demanding more traceability and higher quality. One organization called The EWG, or Environmental Working Group, seeks to provide transparency and education on skincare products for consumers. Prima is the first hemp CBD brand that is EWG Verified. The certification is often times called a ‘safety stamp’ to ensure that the product is safe for topical use. With more and more CBD products becoming available, consumers are educating themselves on the validity and safety of the ingredients found with these products. 

Multiple stamps of authenticity and lab results are good indicators of a brand’s commitment to providing quality products. At The Happy Labs, seed to shelf transparency and a list of certifications are readily available to consumers. 


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