CBD For Stress, Rest & Recovery During Covid-19

This time of year, especially due to the changing weather, political season, and Covid-19, it’s important to have every possible natural remedy at your fingertips to keep your immune system strong. There are three areas in particular that we’d like to highlight and recommend our line of Happy Pills.


When not treated, high levels of stress and anxiety can lower your immune system according to the following studies. These “stress-related immune changes” reduce the body’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria. This and other factors affect your overall health and immunity, so this is why the Happy Labs Chill Pills are here to help! Manage any stressful situation with the benefits of CBD plus natural plants and vitamins. Our happy formula contains valerian root which helps by promoting relaxation, anxiety reduction, feelings of calmness, and tranquility. This balancing plant is known to help improve focus and moderate any hyperactivity experienced, to help quiet the mind and finish your to-do list. The formula creates a powerful state of equilibrium to bring relaxation and calmness to your day. Added passionflower’s anxiety-reducing benefits help limit the effects of daily stressors on your nervous system.

This study explains how CBD helps to reduce anxiety and affects stress-related behavior on the mind and body. In this study, CBD activates 5-HT1A receptors in the body and brain, to help better cope with stressful situations. Learn more about our calming Chill Pills here.


For a relaxing start or finish to your day, the Good Night Pills are packed with melatonin and chamomile, to help calm your system and get to sleep faster. As a natural sleep aid, the Good Night Pills are a nonaddictive remedy, safe for daily use. The added melatonin is a hormone found within the body, that alerts you when to go to sleep and when to wake. Think of it as your internal biological alarm clock. When taken right before bedtime, the chamomile can help relax your muscles. This study found that CBD helped improve anxiety-related disorders and sleep scores. An extensive two year study of over 400 adults showed that CBD also improved symptoms of insomnia. Learn more about the Good Night Pills here.


After you help your body recover from a stressful day or an intense workout after a good night’s sleep, you may need a little boost to start your new day. The Pick Me Up Pills provide a daily dose of caffeine, equivalent to one shot of espresso at 60mg, in addition to Vitamins B & C. Vitamin B6 helps to regulate your mood, reduce stress, and improve brain function, while Vitamin B12 provides natural energy, a boost of positivity, and reduces fatigue to keep you fueled all day. Learn more about the energy boosting Pick Me Up Pills here.

For more information, please see our feature in Fortune magazine’s article, Must-have gadgets and accessories for safer winter (and pandemic) travel under the Wellness section for our pills. To learn about our recommended self-care practices, read here.


*The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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