Clean Skincare For A Better Future

When was the last time that you read the ingredients of your favorite daily skincare products? If it’s not something you’ve thought about before or actively check, we encourage you to do so now. Some items on that list may be foreign words, not easily pronounced, and others can be made from oils and chemicals, not something you’d want your skin to absorb.  

At The Happy Labs, we take pride in our minimally processed ingredients that are clean and primarily organic and vegan. You can view the amazing ingredient list for our Muscle & Joint Salve here, full of amazing ingredients including organic coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, rosehip seed oil, Vitamin E and more! The added Jojoba seed oil helps your skin fight oxidative stress, is antibacterial, and contains its own set of nourishing vitamins. The organic rosehip seed oil is very hydrating, exfoliating, and contains Vitamins A & C. Added Vitamin E is anti-inflammatory, protects the skin from free radicals, the sun, and more!  We make sure that our products are made in small batches with clean ingredients, where we do not use any artificial flavors or synthetic fragrances. This helpful list covers the dirty dozen in skincare, and some ingredients that you should avoid.
As companies become more and more transparent, additional certifications and third party audits are available for consumers to access. Words simply used in advertising don’t always indicate the actual authenticity of a product that is clean, organic, and sustainable. Some words commonly used are, “clean, nontoxic, or safe” that have no technical validity towards ensuring the safety of the product’s ingredients. These terms are also not approved or recognized by the FDA and may seem more pure than the actual product contents.

With transparency and traceability more readily available, The EWG, or Environmental Working Group is one example of an organization that provides transparency and education on skincare products for consumers. The certification is known as a ‘safety stamp’ to ensure that the product is safe for topical use.
With more and more skincare products becoming available, education on the validity and safety of the ingredients found within these products is important, in addition to the values and goals of the company that provides these products.
Multiple stamps of authenticity and lab results are good indicators of a brand’s commitment to providing quality products. At The Happy Labs, seed to shelf  transparency and a list of certifications are readily available to consumers.
We take your health & happiness very seriously and create quality products made from natural plant compounds to help your mind body. 

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