Cold Season Health & Wellness

What you put in your body and what you place on your skin plays a large impact on how you’ll be affected by the cold weather and virus season. Simple tips to clean up your diet and take care of your skin are possible by making subtle changes.

Focusing more on your diet doesn’t just mean changing the type of foods you eat, it’s much much more! Of course adding several servings of vegetables to each meal is a top suggestion, but did you know that portions are just as important? In the hustle and bustle of our busy lifestyle, taking time to eat and enjoy your food is much better for your health than eating on-the-go. Take your time, enjoy the flavors and company around the dinner table.

Limiting caffeine can be a good option for some as well, especially if the acid in coffee is bothersome. To still get that caffeine boost and keep your body more alkaline, the Pick Me Up Pills might be the perfect remedy. The added vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and zinc are also great for immunity and fighting off infections.Vitamin D is known to be mood boosting, especially in seasons with lesser amounts of sunlight, and also helps minimize seasonal tiredness and fatigue, according to this article.

Herbs such as pelargonium, similar to a geranium flower, are also used to treat colds and respiratory illnesses. Studies also found that the herb has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses, to further support the immune system.

Limiting processed forms of sugar is also essential to maintaining a healthy diet. Replacing refined sugar with honey or other raw and natural sugar sources is a better alternative.


Just as it’s important to fuel your body internally with goodness, addressing and making changes to your skincare regimen is important too. What are you currently placing on your skin to protect it against outside elements? Creams and lotions loaded with organically grown and extracted plant-based vitamins and minerals are essential to keep your skin happy and healthy.

One of our favorite anti-aging ingredients is rosemary leaf extract. Full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it can stimulate and benefit the function of your immune system.The Muscle and Joint Salve contains rosemary leaf extract.

Another recommendation for skin is to use a humidifier during drier months. If it’s below the 40-60% range it might be too drying for your skin. In addition, drink more water to really flush out your system of any possible toxins inhibiting your recovery. 

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