How We Use Happy Lab Products

Here at The Happy Labs, we use our products daily! Each team member has different needs and purposes for using CBD products. Below we share some of our favorite ways that we use CBD capsules and CBD cream. 


Even when participating in the most healthy activity or form of exercise, our body sometimes begins to ache with overuse. Stacey, one of the owners, is a Pilates Master Trainer. She is constantly in motion, teaching daily classes. When her shoulder bothers her, the muscle & joint salve is the first thing she reaches for to provide immediate relief. 



After an injury, inflammatory flare ups can be quite common, especially when playing high-impact sports like basketball and football. Chris, one of the owners, developed a knee injury and found CBD salve to be the most effective form of treatment and helps him maintain an active lifestyle. 

To learn more about the owners, read The Happy Labs Hour - Our Story here. 


Nervousness and anxiety from the stressors of everyday life can start to take a toll on one’s mental health and mindset. Gel capsules are a great way to calm nerves and provide a stable basis for a positive outlook on life. 


Taking CBD daily is a great practice to take along with your daily vitamins. The gel capsules are a convenient method to do so. CBD oil benefits are quite expansive and can benefit many parts of the body. It is a natural way to keep your endocannabinoid system at an equilibrium, to help supplement your body’s natural cannabinoids. 


Sometimes it’s near to impossible to stay asleep because you are stressed or you have a lot on your mind. The good night pills contain chamomile, and paired with CBD, helps calm your system. If life events give you occasional insomnia, these CBD pills are an effective treatment. 



If getting to sleep is something that you struggle with daily, finding a natural and nonaddictive remedy is important. The good night pills contain melatonin, a natural hormone that alerts your body when to go to sleep and when to wake. CBD is non-habit forming and can help you find the rest that you desperately need. 



If you find yourself needing that second cup of coffee after lunch, the pick me up pills provide a vitamin-packed punch that will keep your energy consistent, without a crash that heavily caffeinated or sugary food and drinks can cause. 



Coffee can be highly acidic and one cup may not keep you going all day. In the pick me up pills, the added Vitamin C is mood boosting, the B12 reduces fatigue felt towards the end of a workday, and the added caffeine replaces that cup of coffee. 



For a relaxing start or finish to your day, the chill pills are packed with the calming passionflower, also known for reducing hyperactivity.  



In addition to the CBD, chill pills contain valerian root, known for reducing stress and anxiety. It slows down nerve cell activity and can help quiet the mind. Whether you have work stress from decision making or want to soothe nervous tension, the chill pills have a mild sedative effect on the brain and nervous system.

We hope you enjoy trying all of our products to support your needs! To learn more about some of the natural ingredients and oils that we use and their benefits, read The Happy Labs Health & Wellness Dictionary: Plants + Vitamins + CBD

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