Muscle Salve & User Testimonials

What is the craze surrounding muscle and joint salve that we’ve all been hearing about lately? Well, many professional athletes and adventurers alike swear by this product. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from the experts.

Professional volleyball player Taylor Crabb stated that The Happy Labs products are the, “Best CBD I have used. I use every product every day.”

Another customer shared, “I am OBSESSED. These products are the real deal and the customer service is amazing. My favorites are the Muscle & Joint Salve and the Goodnight Pills! Highly recommend.” -Kelsey W.

“I love the products, especially in these crazy times. The Muscle & Joint Salve is everything! I hope you all enjoy them as well.” -Missy K.

“We need more pure happiness and these products do make you happier ” -Tommaso B.

More specifically, the Muscle & Joint Salve seems to be the user favorite when it comes to our products. One customer stated, “Quality and safe. Fixed my muscle strain quickly.” -William G.
"I just want to say that your products are absolutely amazing! I have scoliosis and nothing helps with the pain I have, but I’ve only been using your products for two weeks and I’ve seen a huge improvement! Thank you so much for your products!" -Demari D.

Muscle & Joint Salve works wonders on my sore heels and feet! -D.

In addition to many customer reviews, studies show that the ingredients in the Muscle & Joint Salve, primarily the CBD, provides numerous benefits for users. Possibly one reason why this product is loved by many, is the fact that CBD can reduce inflammation according to this study. It further states that topical cannabidiol or CBD, reduces inflammation and pain without any type of side effect. The study concluded that CBD could be a form of treatment for inflammatory ailments. The research found that “topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviours and inflammation without evident side-effects.”

With inflammation generally comes discomfort and different levels of pain. This article shares that “CBD is also able to interact with a number of different receptors. For example the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor which plays a role in anxiety (and appetite and sleep and pain and nausea) is directly activated by CBD.” These receptors can control the pain felt from inflammation.

This study found that cannabinoids were able to reduce chronic pain similar to current pain relievers on the market. The research explained that cannabinoids are able to prevent neurotransmitters from being released that trigger the sensation of pain.

Now that you know a bit more about muscle and joint salve, you can give it a try or find more information here
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