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Stemming from the knowledge of the healing benefits of plants, founders of The Happy Labs Stacey and Chris Gross wanted to share a natural and effective product to treat ailments and promote overall health, wellness, and happiness. Stacey and Chris felt that creating an accessible, organically grown, and effective product would be the best way to reach as many people as possible, providing the needed relief to live life to the fullest and feel better both physically and mentally.

Not only was the company founded on the principles of supporting health and wellness and creating a quality product with seed to shelf traceability, Stacey and Chris have complimenting life experiences and business expertise. The founders truly understand the healing benefits of plants, how they can help adjust moods and feelings, and even reduce inflammation and pain, all discovered during their personal journeys. Pairing that knowledge with both of their business acumen creates a strong brand, where Stacey and Chris continue to create, test, and share the results of their continuously improved products.


Beginning with Stacey’s story, she was born and raised on a cattle ranch and vegetable farm, surrounded by agriculture, learning the business side of all processes, and closely working with family to care for and grow vegetables and herbs. The family managed their agriculture business on 100 acres of land. They grew a variety of different vegetables, selling the produce at local farmers markets and in the San Francisco Bay area. The family created a tradition of celebrating via family dinners at their favorite local Chinese restaurant, bringing their home- grown vegetables to cook with.

Stacey later became a Pilates Master Trainer with Club Pilates to help others meet their fitness and wellness goals. As an instructor she was constantly moving, on-the-go, and hosting classes, helping others move their bodies to become pain-free. From the demands of an active lifestyle, Stacey developed tension in her neck and shoulders, causing a burning and pinching sensation in her muscles. She began to use a CBD salve on her neck and shoulders that actually worked! This brought about a sort of revelation, that considering she has only so many hours in a day to help others by teaching pilates, CBD has the reach to benefit more people, to help them feel better and to be truly happy again, in addition to helping her take care of her own mind, body, and spirit.

Chris had a similar experience after being introduced to the benefits of CBD. As a weekend warrior living in Manhattan Beach, he worked out regularly and lived an active lifestyle. In 2018, he suffered a knee injury and tried various methods to help reduce the inflammation and discomfort he was experiencing. While trying cryotherapy, six months into his rehabilitation, Chris was introduced to a CBD muscle salve. The CBD product was highly effective and enabled him to recover from the knee sprain, rebuild his strength, and return to his everyday activities.

After fully experiencing the effectiveness of CBD and realizing how this product can help others, Chris decided to use his background as a Silicon Valley executive to formulate and source a new product line. During his time as an operations leader for Tesla and Fitbit, Chris created quality control systems and developed multi-tiered supply chains. His extensive experience allowed him to create a solid platform to launch The Happy Labs.


Diving into the CBD realm, Stacey and Chris began to source organically grown, non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide-free hemp. They identified the top producers that had the most expertise, valued quality, and provided complete transparency. From her personal farming experience, Stacey was able to identify and monitor the farming practices she encountered on the supplier visits to Colorado, and Chris was able to analyze the ‘seed to shelf’ transparency from his background managing process controls and creating supply chains.

For the next step, Stacey and Chris wanted a product that was free from any chemicals or solvents, selecting super-critical CO2 extraction, creating a pure and natural end product. They currently work with several laboratories, continually testing and vetting current and future products.

To coincide with their personal experiences and what CBD products they use daily, Stacey and Chris make sure to formulate products that help others in their everyday lives, making it easy and convenient to use. They are in constant communication with their labs, testing skin absorption rates, consistency, and many other components of each and every product. In fact, a new CBD skincare line is in progress that truly understands how skin is different on separate parts of the body, and how products need to be formulated to address that need. Botanicals and vitamins are also an important component of all The Happy Labs products, as pairing CBD with vitamins and oils creates multiple benefits for users.

Stacey and Chris continue to improve and expand their line of CBD products, focusing on extensive research and testing, with the goal to create a 100% natural product. Both founders use The Happy Labs products daily, and hope consumers will love them as much as they do, enabling them to find relief and become purely happy again.


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