New Year New You, A Time For Self-Care

With the new year upon us, now more than ever we must prioritize self-care for the mind, body, and spirit. If we learn to care for ourselves as we would a best friend or close family member, just imagine how much we could really elevate our personal wellness journey. If we are completely whole and healthy, then we can be more present for those around us.


Mental health can mean a variety of things including a healthy balance of daily moods, the normal ups and downs, and keeping anxiety and stress at a minimum. It is natural to have your good days and bad days, and natural remedies can help keep you at an equilibrium. Studies show that CBD can significantly help reduce anxiety, where the cannabinoid effect on serotonin receptors help promote a healthy brain and treat anxiety. In this study, “a single dose of CBD can reduce the anxiety-enhancing effect” to help individuals maintain a sense of calm. These chill pills also contain passionflower, knowing for its calming effects.


Both the external and internal body are important, including what you consume and what you apply to the skin. CBD contains many antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties according to this study, which are beneficial for the skin and internally. To learn more about skincare and the properties of specific plants and vitamins, see this article.  This comprehensive Wellness Dictionary also covers all of the natural plant botanicals and vitamins found in these products.


To help keep your spirits lifted, your mood stable, and your outlook positive, there are a number of methods to do just that. To start off, spend a few minutes each morning and write down three things that make you smile and feel happy. You can even track these things on your daily planner, to expand your list to everyday things as simple as your cup of coffee, favorite song, or taking in a bit of fresh air before beginning your work day.

Spend time after work away from your devices, maybe even cooking from home with family and friends. Here are a few cocktail recipes with a boost of CBD to try with your meal!

In combination with CBD, daily practices can elevate your spirit, and here are 10 fun ways to try it today! 

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