Regenerative Farming Techniques & CBD

Now more than ever, consumers are more conscious about what they are purchasing and putting in and on their bodies. Even beyond that, how these products are grown, sourced, and manufactured is a concern for the environment.


Regenerative farming involves practices such as crop rotation, biodiversity, and infusing healthy soil with microorganisms. Once the soil is equipped with these properties, topsoil requires less water and it sequesters more carbon into the roots and soil. The land becomes more affordable to the farmer, the produce grown is better and more nutrient-rich, and it positively impacts rainfall. To sum up the concept, regenerative farming provides the basis or structure to improve the resources used during farming.  

According to the Climate Reality Project, “In addition to a long list of incredible benefits for farmers and their crops, regenerative agriculture practices help us fight the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground.”  This suggests that the benefits of regenerative farming go beyond the immediate results and impact, but help to repair the existing damage.

Many farmers, organizations, and large corporations are taking note and plowing through the steps to create a sustainable process of food production and environmental care. The Modern Farmer states, “It is a system where the focus is on regeneration of soils using proper tillage, lots of minerals for the plants and for soil life, and living, beautiful, biologically rich soils. This is how land should be taken care of and food should be grown – with benefits for the environment and the consumer.”


We first partnered with top level producers and labs with the highest standards for sourcing raw materials, to begin our method of clean processes, best practices, and testing. Our product ingredients are organically grown and sustainably sourced. Even our hemp seed is certified by the state’s agriculture department. This also means that our hemp is non-GMO, pesticide free, and our CBD oil is solventless since we use the supercritical CO2 extraction method. The Happy Labs is currently Hemp Authority Certified and members of the Hemp Industries Association and the National Hemp Association.  


For new line of products we are prioritizing sustainability and how and where we source ingredients. We want to implement programs to help farmers that grow and harvest the plants that later become the oils for our various skincare products.

Under this new sustainable mission, we have a commitment to you as consumers, and the environment, to do everything in our power to promote prolonged health and happiness.  



*The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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