The Season Of Giving For You & The Environment

The holiday season will soon be here, and if you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet there’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gifts! We have a number of suggestions to make you an expert gift giver, learn how to select items your friends and family will love and use, and keep the environment in mind with each of your purchases.


One of the most fun ways to find the perfect gift is to create a basket or box full of consumable items that you’re sure your loved ones will use. If your mom or sister loves the smell of lavender, try purchasing an eco candle or body care product like the muscle and joint salve with that scent. If your dad or brother loves chips and salsa, try finding healthy brands that are organic or locally made from the weekly farmers market. If you’re visiting family from out of town and want to bring them something from your hometown, choose sustainably made or Fairtrade items or clothing.


Many companies are aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint, take initiatives to be more sustainable, and want to give you that option too. EcoCart for example allows customers to make their online purchases carbon neutral by offsetting the cost to ship the item to you for a small fee. This allows you to do your part to help reduce your overall carbon footprint from shopping and buying goods. There’s even a Chrome extension which will notify you on your browser which companies participate and allow you to make your order carbon neutral.  


The next time you are in need of finding a gift for someone that seemingly has everything, think twice before purchasing an unnecessary item. A person can only have so many things, and they don’t always need to be replaced with the latest and greatest model. A fun idea is to create an experience or outing for your family and friends. Maybe suggest taking them for a day to see a new exhibit or museum, including a meal at their favorite local restaurant, or even trying a new spot that’s a little more formal than standard dining. Gifting tickets to a show or play is another great alternative. 

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