Wellness In A Tiny Pill

Keeping up with your health goals is now easier than ever! We opt for things that are natural, minimally invasive, convenient, and get to work fast. With so many options and varieties of supplements and pills on the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming, leaving you thinking where to start. The easiest way to form a new habit is to start with something that fits into your existing routine. Big changes take a longer amount of time to really sink in, where small ones integrate into your normal habits more easily.  


Prioritizing your mental health is as important as your physical body. If you are feeling a little more stressed than normal, that’s ok! Keeping anxiety at bay and allowing your mind to have a rest is all part of establishing healthy patterns. Giving yourself the ok to relax, even midday, is something that your mind might need amidst all of the computer work, social media, and daily news feeds. 

The Chill Pills contain valerian root, which is known for reducing anxiety and stress, slowing down nerve cell activity to help quiet the mind. To soothe nervous tension from daily activities, decisions, and work, the pills can have a mild sedative effect on the brain and nervous system to give your body the rest it needs. They also contain calming passionflower, also known for reducing a hyperactive mind. 


Keeping your physical body in peak operating performance is needed to reach your goals. Sometimes insomnia and lack of sleep can interfere with the amount of rest you need to operate on a day-to-day basis. The Good Night Pills contain chamomile paired with CBD, which can help calm your system and fall asleep faster. They also contain melatonin, a natural hormone that adjusts your natural circadian rhythm, or 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. This natural sleep aid alerts your body when to go to sleep and when to wake, is non-habit forming and can help you get a full night of sleep. 

If your body doesn’t quite like coffee due to the acidity, the Pick Me Up Pills might be the perfect remedy. The additional ingredients like Vitamin C are also mood boosting and Vitamin B12 helps to reduce fatigue. Keep your body energized without the crash that heavily caffeinated or sugary food and drinks can cause and instead reach for the tiny vitamin-packed pill that keeps your energy consistent.


*The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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