Your Daily Pick-Me-Up

We all know that the favorite daily pick-me-up tends to be coffee. What if you’d rather not have that second, third, or fourth cup of coffee for the day, or have no time to brew another pot? We might have the perfect solution to keep your energy stable throughout the day, especially during that midafternoon slump where staying awake and focused can be challenging.

The Pick Me Up Pills provide that much needed boost of caffeine, and contain equivalent to one shot of espresso to be exact with 60mg of added caffeine. You could take one to start your day in lieu of that cup of joe or have them with you for later as a little boost when needed throughout the day. Sugary coffee or energy drinks can cause your body to seemingly crash when it wears off, where other remedies can be more gentle and actually helpful to the body. The pick me up pills provide a vitamin-packed punch to keep your energy consistent, without a crash compared to other heavily caffeinated alternatives. We understand that caffeine may be a necessity for some, so we created something that satisfies that need and then some.
What’s even better than caffeine on its own is the combination of caffeine with added vitamins and minerals to make this power-packed pill even more effective. The first vitamin within the ingredients is B6. This vitamin is known to help regulate your mood, reduce stress, symptoms of depression, and can even help improve your brain function. Vitamin B12 provides a natural form of energy, can reduce fatigue experienced at the end of a long workday, and it can naturally boost your mood. In addition, Vitamin B12 brings with it a boost of positivity as a natural form of long lasting energy, and has been known to reduce symptoms of memory loss. The Pick Me Up Pills also contain Vitamin C, which is known to boost your immune system especially when stress is a factor. The vitamin is mood uplifting, is a strong antioxidant, and is even known to help lower blood pressure. 30 mg of added CBD per tiny pill also has many amazing benefits. According to this study, CBD has the ability to help individuals cope better in stressful situations, to reduce anxiety and stress, and improve mood and energy levels.
You can learn more about the energy boosting Pick Me Up Pills here.
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