Chill Pills

Better Mood
More Focus

Calm your mind, center yourself and enjoy the moment.  A great way to end your evening or start your relaxed day out at the beach or on a hike with friends and family.

  • Passionflower helps relieve anxiety naturally.
  • Valerian Root helps promote relaxation and improve focus, while creating feelings of calmness and tranquility.
  • 30 mg of pure CBD works with your body as a whole.

Why they love us

"I love the chill pills, I take them for social gatherings or when I am stressed. They help me reduce emotional eating."

-Stacey Jo

Pilates Master TrainerManhattan Beach,CA

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Care for yourself with clean, vegan CBD products and we will care for our planet with proceeds committed to cleaning up our oceans and pre-serving our rainforests.

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