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About Us

The Happy Labs philosophy began in 2016 when Stacey had a cancer scare and decided to throw out all chemicals in their home. Makeup, lotions, soaps, perfumes, and household cleaners were all trashed. She was starting anew so her body would heal faster and not be bombarded with questionable chemicals that could slow the healing process or worse, cause greater illness. Stacey wanted a clean start and to get back to her roots.

about us

We have a commitment

Born and raised in the San Joaquin valley of California, known as the cornucopia of the world, Stacey has a strong foundation in agricultural practices for growing food. She developed a love of serving others through production of nutritious, organic fruits and vegetables. Today Stacey incorporates many of those beneficial nutrients into The Happy Labs products.

Stacey & Chris started The Happy Labs to serve those who care about what goes into their everyday beauty and wellness products. They developed high end, clean products with hemp derived CBD. They draw upon Stacey’s farming experience and knowledge of the soil and organic growing techniques to source the best ingredients. They control the entire process to create clean formulas with organic botanicals and naturally derived fragrances. The formula is just as important as the CBD. Nourishing botanicals provide additional benefits to compliment the overall healing powers of CBD.