Chill Pills

25 Pills, 30 mg CBD Each | Total 750mg CBD, No THC

Calm your mind, center yourself and enjoy the moment.
- Passionflower helps relieve anxiety naturally.
- Valerian Root helps promote relaxation and improve focus, while creating feelings of calmness and tranquility.
- 30 mg of pure CBD works with your body as a whole. A great way to end your evening or start your relaxed day out at the beach or on a hike with friends and family.

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Why they love us

"I love the chill pills, I take them for social gatherings or when I am stressed. They help me reduce emotional eating."

-Stacey Jo

Pilates Master Trainer

Manhattan Beach,CA

frequently asked questions

Take 1 pill with a full glass of water.
Any time you want help managing occasional stress or transitioning from a negative to a positive state. They are great after work or when handling the challenges of travel these days.  They, also, work well before or after yoga class.

No.  We carefully balanced our formula with clean CO2 extracted CBD with other plant based ingredients to help improve mood and focus.  Chill pills are designed to take the edge off and reduce the impact of environmental stressors.

No.  CBD comes from the hemp plant. Hemp is a derivative of Cannabis with < 0.3% THC. THC is the compound that creates the “high” feeling, not CBD. However, THC is at such low levels in Hemp that it has minimal effect on one’s mind. That is why Hemp and CBD do not get you “High”.

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