At The Happy Labs, health & happiness are at the core of our product development. We prioritize the natural healing properties of plant substances, including CBD. These natural plant compounds stimulate and empower our bodies to provide relief from mental and physical stress, leading to happier and healthier lives individually and as a community. 

What Makes Us Unique

Clean processes, best practices, and how we test. We partnered with top level producers and labs with the highest standards for sourcing raw materials. Our products are made with organically grown ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Our hemp is non-GMO and pesticide free. Our CBD oil is solventless, produced with supercritical CO2 extraction equipment. Transparency and traceability are fundamental to everything we do. We make a promise to our customers that they can count on the dosage and the contents to be consistent with our labels. With quality in place, we were able to develop great products that fit people’s needs. We use our products every day and believe our customers will love them as well.