Soothing salve to ease what ails you. Fatigue fades when you apply this all-natural, ulta-concentrated CBD salve to sore spots.

Benefits gleam from a plethora of beneficial oils such as Coconut, Jojoba Seed, Lavender, Rosehip, and Neem to heal the skin.

Great for targeted relief and recovery after a hard workout or a long run.

Why they love us

"After practice, my shoulder is often sore from so many swings. I apply the Muscle & Joint salve and love the results. It helps me recover and feel better than ever before."

-Taylor Crabb

Professional Volleyball PlayerMVP of the AVP Tour 2019Manhattan Beach, CA

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Care for yourself with clean, vegan CBD products and we will care for our planet with proceeds committed to cleaning up our oceans and pre-serving our rainforests.

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