Happiness from head to toe

Premium vegan CBD skincare made with organic active botanicals

Made for a brighter you and a better planet

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The beauty secret we’re all catching on to? Healthy, nourished skin.

Our mission is to create powerful CBD skincare formulations to nourish and replenish skin so you can look and feel your best.

Plant-based in more ways than one

Effective formulas

With thousands of years of plant-healing knowledge on our side, we’ve harnessed the power of all-natural plant compounds to stimulate the body and help relieve a range of ailments: from inflammation and dryness to restoration of energy and immunity.

You can say ‘yes’ because we say ‘no’

Clean ingredients

We maintain the highest standards of vegan CBD skincare by rejecting harmful ingredients found in common skincare products like synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens and petroleum-based chemicals.

Better for you, better for mother earth

Sustainably sourced and packaged

At The Happy Labs, we take action to improve how our business impacts the environment at every point of the process; from farms that use regenerative practices to sourcing recycled plastics and cardboard.


Clean Ingredients

Minimal Processing

Natural Fragrances

No Animal Testing

Product Spotlight

The Hardest Working CBD Salve on the planet


1.7oz (50ml), 900mg CBD, No THC

Whether it’s dry skin, achy muscles or puffy redness, our multi-tasking SAVIOR CBD Salve is your new powerful moisturizing sidekick that helps your body heal and rejuvenate
Take it from NFL Player, Tully Banta-Cain who said, “pain has been my middle name. This salve has been clutch for those aching moments I get daily. This stuff is as good as it gets.”

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“We need more pure happiness and these products do make you happier ” - Tommaso B“The good night pills have been my life saver!” - Melissa K“I have battled insomnia for years & tried a variety of remedies; I’m very happy with the ‘Good Night’ pills from The Happy Labs!” - Richard H"I just want to say that your products are absolutely amazing! I have scoliosis and nothing helps with the pain, but I’ve only been using your products for two weeks and I’ve seen a huge improvement!" - Demari D"Love the pick me up pills and the full spectrum capsules. Customer service is amazing highly recommend!" - Nick H

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Product Spotlight

CBD Pills for a Brighter Day

Pick Me Up Pills

1.7oz (50ml), 900mg CBD, No THC

Stressors from everyday life can cause us to feel tired and unable to feel our best. That’s why we’ve formulated Pick Me Up CBD Pills for an easy, discreet way to maintain your energy and mood throughout the day.

Pick Me Up Pills are curated with a blend of organically grown CBD and all-natural ingredients like Vitamin C to boost immunity, Vitamin B6 to help regulate mood & stress, Vitamin B12 for natural long lasting energy for that extra kick you need to feel wide awake.

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Pick Me Up Pills

Chill Pills

Chill Pills

Good Night Pills

Good Night Pills

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

about us

Our Mission

Happy People. Happy Planet. Happy Labs.

Our team is dedicated to partnering with the most reputable sustainable organizations to continuously improve and lessen our impact on the environment.

As a California Benefit Corporation, The Happy Labs puts wellness of the people and the planet at the heart of our business.

Learn more about our sustainable practices

• We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet and commited to preserving our oceans and rainforests

• We remove 1 pound of plastic from ocean bound waterways with every purchase

• We committed to preserving the Amazon Rainforest with proceeds from every sale

• We work with the carbonfund.org to help sequester carbon from our atmosphere

• So far, we have reduced 36 Tonne(s) of CO2 Emissions, by committing proceeds to protect our rainforests

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Why they love us

“After practice my shoulder is often sore from so many swings. I apply the Savior CBD Salve and love the results. It helps me recover and feel better than ever."

-Taylor Crabb

Professional Volleyball Player
MVP of the AVP Tour 2019, Manhattan Beach, CA